aria-sort (property)

aria-sort (property) is used to inform the screen reader user whether the columns or rows in a grid can be sorted. Aria-sort (property) is used to a table header or a grid header. This aria-sort (property) can be used both for column headers or row headers.

aria-sort (property) has two possible values “ascending” and “descending”. aria-sort=”none” is the default value and aria-sort=”other” is used to define any values other than ascending or descending. Aria-sort (property) can be applied on only one header at a time.

Values of aria-sort (property)

Value Description
Ascending Items are sorted in ascending order by this column.
Descending Items are sorted in descending order by this column.
None (default) There is no defined sort applied to the column.
Other A sort algorithm other than ascending or descending has been applied.

Aria-sort (property) used in roles

Here is an example from Deque UniversityExternal Website using aria-sort (property)External Website.