Free Web Accessibility Courses for Persons With Disabilities

Web accessibility testing and consulting is one of the jobs persons with disabilities can perform at best. Being real time users they can identify the practical problems a raised due to inaccessible websites. In many cases persons with disabilities identify the problems on the websites and applications they use but due to lack of skills and knowledge they might not be able to explain the problems to the organizations and developers technically. Web accessibility testers who are also persons with disabilities might not be able to take their career to next level due to insufficient technical knowledge. To help persons with disabilities overcome such problems Deque SystemsExternal Website is offering free web accessibility courses available on Deque UniversityExternal Website for one year.

Why Deque University Web Accessibility Courses

  • Deque Systems is in the space of web accessibility since 1999.
  • Deque Systems have globally recognized strong web accessibility consultants.
  • Few of the accessibility consultants at Deque are members in various working groups and task forces of WAI and hence can understand the interpretation, techniques and impact best.
  • Deque University provides trainings for many multi-national firms and is recognized as best training curriculum in the world.
  • Deque University courses teach everything you need from web accessibility fundamentals to advanced concepts such as ARIA and javascript accessibility.
  • Deque University courses also help you understand making MS word, PowerPoint, epub and many more documents that are used for day to day activities accessible.

Deque University courses free for persons with disabilities

Deque University courses that are $315 in general for a year subscription are provided free for persons with disabilities. This was announced during GAAD 2016. Read the full announcement on Deque Systems blog.External Website

Free web accessibility Courses available

  • Web Accessibility Fundamentals
  • HTML & CSS Accessibility
  • ARIA & JavaScript Accessibility
  • Mobile Web Accessibility
  • IAAP CPACC Certification Preparation Course
  • Web Accessibility Testing Techniques
  • Testing with Screen Readers
  • MS Word Accessibility
  • MS PowerPoint Accessibility
  • PDF Accessibility
  • InDesign Accessibility
  • EPUB Accessibility

Qualification, terms and conditions for free web accessibility courses

  • You must have a disability to qualify for this offer.
  • You will have access for one full year.
  • You cannot share your account with anyone else.

Apply for the free web accessibility coursesExternal Website if you are a person with disability and are interested understanding web accessibility in depth.

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