CSUN 2016 Slides

After any conference we would like to get those presentation slides we liked the most. After receiving great response on my recent article My trip to first CSUN (CSUN 2016), I decided to collect CSUN 2016 slides and share them with my readers. I have found number of presentations from Deque SystemsExternal Website and SSB BartExternal Website, so I have made a specific mention.

CSUN 2016 Slides Deque Systems

You can download all the CSUN 2016 slides from www.deque.com/infoExternal Website, but the slides are placed in that location only until June. So I have also provided those direct links below. All the links redirect to slideshareExternal Website.

CSUN 2016 slides SSB Bart Group

The CSUN 2016 slides by SSB BartExternal Website are placed at http://info.ssbbartgroup.com/CSUN2016External Website. To access them you need to fill up a small form and there you go. You can download all the presentations.

Other CSUN 2016 Slides

The below URLs either download files directly or will take you to external websites. Use them with caution.

Most of the above presentations are on web accessibility, to find many other CSUN2016 slides visit » The Great Big List from the 2016 CSUN International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference | Curb CutExternal Website .

Provide your comment below or send an email to rakesh@maxability.co.in if you want me to add your slides or if the URL of your slides are incorrect. Once again my little effort Towards An Inclusive Web.

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