Global survey for Priority Assistive Products List (APL)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting a survey to identify top 50 technologies that help people with disabilities to eas their lives. This is a global survey and is available in 50 most spoken languages worldwide. This survey helps WHO to build the WHO Priority Assistive Products List (APL), a tool that will set the standard for the most essential assistive products that must be available in a health system.

The aim of the survey is to increase the access of these assistive products to every person with disability or those who need them due to age old difficulties. Currently only 1 out of 10 have such access because of the lack of awareness or because of heavy cost involved. Non-availability is also an aspect due to which people with disabilities are unable to use assistive products.

The APL tool helps governments to plan and focus efforts on acquiring such assistive products to their population depending on the need. The goal of the tool is to increase access of assistive technology to 1 billion population who currently need them and to reach 1.5 billion by 2030.

Maxability’s primary objective is to raise awareness of assistive technologies and their usage. We request every stakeholder, especially current or potential users, their families and organizations to fill in this survey.

Complete the survey online at Website or download the form fill it and send it to

For additional information and to access the form in different languages visit WHO Global survey for Priority Assistive Products List (APL)External Website.