Inquiry into HORRIBLE INCIDENT making disabled woman passenger crawl

A pitition was filed for your signature by Kamayani M. on Avaaz.orgExternal Website. Please sign the pitition and support people with disabilities for their basic rights.

What’s the pitition about?

On 29, Jan evening, disability activist Anita Ghai landed at Delhi airport from Dehradun on an Air India flight. A seasoned traveller, she waited with patience for her wheelchair to arrive, for which she had put in a request earlier as per procedure. But it did not, and in a shockingly insensitive incident, she was made to crawl on the tarmac from the aircraft to the coach.

Anita Ghai, 57 year old Delhi university professor, was travelling with her friend when she boarded Air India’s flight AI 9610 on January 29 at 6.30pm (Dehradun to Delhi) the air-hostess did not register her requirement for a wheel chair despite repeated requests. “As per rules she again requested airhostess after reaching, but she was asked to be patient. She did not even get up as all passengers have to deplane , before she could go . The flight reached at 7:30 pm.Passenger coach came without wheelchair. She requested them to bring coach to aircraft, they said it can’t be done due to security reasons. after waiting for one hour, Anita Ghai was totally exhausted, and intact started howling ad crying .So there was no option for her BUT TO CRAWL , for 20 meters from airplane to the coach .

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