aria-relevant (property)

Aria-relevant property is an optional value to an aria-live region. Aria-relevant property is used when the web page contains frequently updating content such as a live chat. Aria-relevant property helps in intimating the updated content to the assistive technology. In some cases it is also important for the user to intimate the logs that are removed. Aria-relevant property supports values such as additions, removals, text and all.

Aria-relevant property is used to intimate the semantically meaningful changes. In a chat log the top most messages are removed to provide space for new messages. These removals does not have any meaning. If a buddy is removed from the chat it means they are no longer available for chat and is a meaningful removal. When aria-relevant=”additions” and aria-relevant=”removals” has to be used to denote the changes aria-relevant=”all” can be used.

Use aria-relevant=”removals” and aria-relevant=”all” wisely. Aria-relevant=”additions” and aria-relevant=”text” are the default values on a live region.

Examples of aria-relevant property on Paul Adam’sExternal Website and OOA-AccessibilityExternal Website helps in understanding the concept better.

Values of aria-relevant (property)

Value Description
additions Element nodes are added to the DOM within the live region.
removals Text or element nodes within the live region are removed from the DOM.
text Text is added to any DOM descendant nodes of the live region.
all Equivalent to the combination of all values, “additions removals text”.

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