Program Highlights: Mobile Accessibility Meet

The first ever mobile accessibility meet was held at Hyderabad on 12-12-2015. The full day workshop was organized by a team of visually challenged individuals, B. Vikram Babu, Srinivas Karnati,, K. Anil Reddy, Rakesh Paladugula, Kanuri Srikanth and M. Surya Jyothi.

Participants at registration desk

The workshop covered the following concepts to help visually challenged smart phone users.

  1. Basics of android with practical demonstration : Srikanth & abdul Razak
  2. Basics of iOS with practical demonstration: M Surya Jyothi
  3. What is accessibility and how to inform accessibility bugs: Rakesh Paladugula
  4. Advanced iOS apps and their usage: Srikanth Kanuri
  5. Advanced android apps and their usage : Abdul Razak

Basics of Android

srikanth kanuri demonstrating androidd basics

This session by Srikanth Kanuri and Abdul Razak had its exclusive focus on

  • android gestures and home screen management
  • using phone, message and mail applications
  • downloading and installing apps from play store
  • Android settings
  • Usage of various social networking applications.

Basics of iOS


This session by Surya Jyothi had its primary focus on:

  • Introduction to iOS accessibility, its gestures, and home screen management
  • managing basic communication using phone, messaging and mail apps.
  • using router
  • browsing the internet using various browsers
  • navigating app-store and iOS settings.
  • using various news and social networking apps.

Defining, Identifying and Informing Accessibility Bugs

Rakesh Paladugula demonstrating accessibility issues

During my presentation, I (Rakesh Paladugula) tried making the participants understand:

  • different types of mobile content,
  • identifying basic accessibility problems
  • pointers to understand in-depth mobile accessibility testing
  • how to inform accessibility related problems to developers and venders.

Click here to Download my mobile accessibility presentation(.ppt)

Advance iOS applications and their usage

srikanth kanuri demonstrating iOS advance

This session by Srikanth Kanuri had its emphasis on:

  • entertainment apps such as apple music, YouTube Etc.
  • Storage Apps such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox Etc.
  • Mobile banking and bill management apps such as SBI Freedom, Citrus Cube
  • E-Commerce apps such as Amazon and Flipkart
  • Travel and navigation apps such as IRCTC, Uber, google maps and Around me.
  • Scanning and reading apps such as KNFB, Camfind, Money recognizer and Voice Dream Reader
  • Siri and its uses as personal assistant.

Android advance applications

Abdul razak demonstrating android advanced

This session by Abdul Razak covered various advance android applications including

  • File managers and storage apps: ES file explorer and dropbox
  • Recording and saving voices and sessions by using HQ MP3 recording.
  • Various browsers: Firefox, chrome
  • Navigation: google maps and lookup
  • Entertainment apps: YouTube, Saavn
  • Productivity apps: OLX, just Dial and clean master
  • scanning and reading apps: KNFB and Voice dream reader
  • currency identification: blind droid wallet
  • I. news apps: NDTV, and reading news in regional languages using Eenadu app and E-Speak TTS.
  • Google Now and its uses.

anil reddy giving validictory

Maxability wishes hearty congratulations to the organizing team and Thanks for giving a chance for us to help people understand the need for mobile accessibility. We wish the team organize many such meets in the future.

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