aria-pressed (state)

aria-pressed state is used to inform the user that an element is a toggle button. aria-checked(state) and aria-selected (state) (future link) are similar to aria-pressed.

In normal state aria-pressed will be in release state and the value is false. When the user clicks or activates the button it changes to pressed state where the value is “true”. Aria-pressed state also has the third value “mixed”. If the button does not have the property of toggle do not use aria-pressed. The roles in which aria-pressed can be used is button.

Values of aria-pressed (state)

Characteristic Description
True Indicates that the button is currently pressed
False Indicates that the button has the toggle property and is currently not pressed.
Mixed Indicates a mixed mode value for a tri-state toggle button.
Undefined (default) The element does not support the pressed state. (Do not use the aria-pressed at all).

Have a look at the aria-pressed exampleExternal Website to understand how it works.

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