First learning session by the Accessibility India Community Group

Today the first learning session was conducted by the W3c Accessibility India Community Group. Ms. Shilpi Kapoor the chair of the group has hosted the virtual meeting. I am asked to deliver the first learning session on the introduction to WCAG 2.0.

The concepts I could cover in the 30 minutes session are:

  1. What is WCAG
  2. Who WCAG is for
  3. Structure of WCAG.
  4. Levels of WCAG and how are they framed
  5. Supporting documents and the relation with WCAG.
  6. Recent legal suits and settlements

Download the complete WCAG 2.0 Introduction presentation (.ppt).

Thank You Ms. Shilpi Kapoor for hosting the meet and giving the opportunity. Thank You Sujasree Kurapati and Srinivasu Chakravartula for helping me in finalizing the presentation beside your busy schedules. Thanks each one of the participant for your valuable time.

About Accessibility India Community Group

This group focuses on accessibility awareness in India. With India, being an IT, it is important to look at accessibility and build awareness on the web and mobile and ebooks. This group will not publish specifications.

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