U.S Web Design Standards

Re-inventing the wheel is what we all hate. This formula is proven success in all sectors including the digital world. Many corporate organizations are already following the formula. Recently 18F o GSA and US Design Services jointly developed a web tool kit to help the digital information of federal government. Re-usability of common components, font-styles and design can be used across federal government websites without doing the same for every single website.

The web tool developed by this wonderful team has two useful resources.

  • A visual style guide: Typography and color recommendations that are 508 compliant, flexible, and designed for readability and impact.
  • Common UI components and patterns: A collection of foundational interface elements for government sites and the code that powers them.

The goals behind this effort are

Make the best thing, the easiest thing.

Making tools that align with the values and needs of digital workers in the federal government will drive adoption.

Be accessible out of the box.

Created tools that seamlessly meet the standards of 508 accessibility, from colors to code.

Design for flexibility.

Aim to give the American people a sense of familiarity when using government services, while allowing agencies to customize these tools to fit their unique needs.

Reuse, reuse, reuse.

Reviewed, tested, evaluated, and repurposed existing patterns, code, and designs from dozens of government and private sector style guides to make use of tried-and-true best practices


Follow the below link to understand complete information, usage terms and download the web kit.

U.S Web Design StandardsExternal Website

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