What is NVDA Remote Access Add-on

NVDA remote is the first free add-on for the blind and visually impaired NVDA users that allows connect from one computer to another. It is similar to JAWS tandem software. Christopher Toth and Tyler Spivey, two well-known developers in the blind community, created this add-on, as well as its supporting infrastructure. It is now available for you to download, use, and improve upon for free thanks to the generous contributions of the IndieGogo funders.

Where to download

Download and add the NVDA remote access to your NVDA screen reader and connect anywhere from the NVDA add-onExternal Website or from NVDA remoteExternal Website.

Finding NVDA remote help

To understand how to use the NVDA remote add-on navigate to the following steps after installing the add-on.
NVDA > Tools > Mannage add-ons > Remote Support > Add-on-Help.

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