aria-multiselectable (property)

aria-multiselectable is used to notify the users about the existence of the components where more than one element can be selected. aria-multiselectable is not an alternate for aria-selected.

Tablists, listbox, tree and grid are the roles which allows the users to select more than one element. Do not use aria-multiselectable property where only one element can be selected at a time. aria-multiselectable property should be referred at the widget level not to the individual elements.

aria-multiselectable have two possible values “true” and “false”. aria-multiselectable=”true” indicates that the widget have the possibility to select more than one of the descendant elements. aria-multiselectable=”false” is the default value. When aria-selectable is set to true at the widget level, set aria-selected to true for the selected descendants and aria-selected to false for the selectable descendants.

Values of aria-multiselectable

Characteristic Description
aria-multiselectable=”true” More than one item in the widget may be selected at a time.
aria-multiselectable=”false” (default) Only one item can be selected.

Aria-multiselectable Supported Roles

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