Explore By Touch

Explore by Touch is an Android operating system’s feature for their non-sighted users. This feature is integrated into Talkback, the screen reader that is built into the Android Operating System. Explore by Touch allows the non-sited android users to touch the mobile screen and hear what’s present under the finger. User can drag the finger through-out the screen and understand the items available. Remember Talkback screen reader should be switched on to use explore by touch. Explore by touch can be disabled or the preferences can be changed at Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack > Settings > Explore by Touch.


For my readers those who are not aware, talkback are a built-in screen reader that is shipped along with the android devices. Using talkback, blind and low vision users can access the features of the device including the web content. In a future article, I will explain using talkback and the gestures in detail.

Understand the Gestures for explore by touchExternal Website for optimum experience with talkback on android device.