FoodPanda IOS App Accessibility Review

Recently when I am bored cooking, I thought of ordering food online. Instead of searching online I have downloaded FoodPanda app on my iPhone. Though I could book the food online with difficulty I thought of pointing some specific options and functions that are inaccessible to use.

FoodPanda App

Missing Accessibility Label

Proper accessibility label is not provided for buttons such as back button and close button. While reading with voiceover , screen reader is announcing the back button as White back arrow button. Similarly the close button is announced as Close icon button.

Traits not provided

The tabs on the app Restaurants, Reorder, Basket, Deals and more does not have a trait provided. Users with screen reading technology will not be able to recognize them as actionable unless a proper trait is provided.

State Not available

When any of the tabs Restaurants, Reorder, Basket, Deals and more are selected, color is used to identify the selection. Users who use voiceover will not be able to identify the currently selected tab unless it is informed programmatically. Voiceover should be able to announce the currently selected tab.

Improper Use of State

When Choose your city or Choose your area is selected a modal is opened with various options. Each of the option is a radio button allowing the user to select one among the city and area. The state of radio button is announced as dimmed with voiceover though it is active. Example voiceover announces it as Hyderabad Radio unchecked dimmed.

City Selection

Functions not working with voiceover

When Choose your city or Choose your area is activated a modal is opened. The options in this modal cannot be activated when voiceover is switched on.

Headings not provided

When one among the tabs Restaurants, Reorder, Basket, Deals and more is selected the screen is opened and the first element is the heading in the screen. Voiceover is unable to recognize it as a heading.

Improper Text

In the Basket tab after the Restaurant name voiceover is announcing %@ min delivery time, this information is not clear to those who use screen reading technologies to identify the content on the app.

Accessibility Hint

Though most of the features are clear with the text available, providing an accessibility hint for certain elements such as close , back choose your city, choose your area will enhance the user experience.

Above are few of my observations. I just want to bring them to the note of FoodPanda team so that they can make the necessary fixes allowing the customers with disabilities easy to use.