Maxability Round Up 2014

A very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR 2015 to all my readers and visitors. I particularly thank those who followed my blog regularly and especially those who gave your comments, suggestions and feedback. I wish to receive the same cooperation in 2015 and beyond. I also promise that I will try to share as much as information I could, to the best of my knowledge on to Let me walk you through what all has been introduced newly in 2014 and what have we achieved in 2014.

New Introductions in 2014

I have newly introduced 3 links in the top navigation. Skip to main content, link that allows the keyboard only and screen reader users to jump directly to the main content area. Screen readers link that provides the short-cut commands for highly used screen readers (work in progress). Videos page shows the coverage of news videos while I am in my first organization IridiumInteractive LimitedExternal Website.

In the footer area 3 new links are introduced. RSS feed for those who follow the blog through RSS. Contact Us form for those who want to ask any accessibility related questions or provide their feedback. A Useful links page in which I am bringing as many as external websites as possible under a single page to help accessibility consultants to bookmark a single link and they can access all the required websites in a single location. Useful links page will be a live page and will be updated frequently.

I have also introduced a twitter widget for those who don’t use twitter and want to get frequent updates on accessibility happenings in the world. A Facebook like box is also introduced to further spread the reachability of maxability articles and accessibility happenings. Consider liking the Facebook page and ask your friends to like it.

What’s achieved in 2014?

I have written 52 articles in this year covering WAI WCAG 2.0 check points, continued articles on WAI ARIA and others. I have newly introduced a category Accessibility best practices which will continue the whole 2015. More than 27 thousand visits are registered on this year, highest number of visits are from United states followed by India and UK. Have a look at the full statistical report for 2014. Thank you FacebookExternal Website, twitterExternal Website and linkedinExternal Website for helping me in sharing my articles with the world. Search Engines played a vital role though I have not specifically done to scroll up the rankings, a special thanks to search engines.

How will be 2015 for Maxability?

I will give high priority to fix the accessibility issues that still exist on my website. As Richard rightly mentioned and Matthieu Faure’s suggested on 1.4.3 Contrast (minimum) its worthless talking about accessibility on an inaccessible website. I have changed the template as suggested by Richard but still find accessibility issues on social media sharing widget. I am also looking at changing the font style to san serif as suggested by Mary Penny on Web Accessibility and dyslexia I am in a thought of incorporating a couple of WCAG level AAA success criteria as well. I have a couple of new initiatives in mind which you may observe during the year.

Once again I wish all the visitors and readers a Very Happy New Year 2015.

Rakesh Paladugula