ARIA-haspopup (property)

ARIA-haspopup is used to indicate the presence of submenus and context menus on the web page. In general aria-haspopup property is used with links and buttons. Though it sounds like haspopup need to be used for dialog boxes, popup windows, ARIA 1.0 specification recommends use of aria-haspopup property for submenus and context menus. Different assistive technologies react differently with the use of aria-haspopup property.

NVDA is consistent and more relevant with WAI ARIA recommendation . NVDA announces the term ‘submenu’ along with link or button when aria-haspopup is used. This is same with Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer. On Google Chrome NVDA also announces expanded along with submenu.

The Freedom ScientificExternal Website JAWS announces “haspopup” with links and “menu” along with buttons. This is observed in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Similar to NVDA , JAWS also announces “Expanded” along with the menu on Google Chrome.

Safari on IOS 8 does not recognize aria-haspopup property when used with links but announces “popup” when used with button.

Slightly deviating from the topic, I often use to think even after having technologies like ARIA, sometimes we use offscreen content to announce link that opens a new browser window (target=”_blank”), indicating a link that navigate to external website etc. On similar lines a bug has been raised with W3C, to include aria-poptype attribute having defined keywords such as “window”, “dialog” etc. Allow authors to declare type of popup from the triggering element: menu, dialog, etc. External Website describes the details of the bug. Hope to have a more powerful poptype attribute in a future release of WAI ARIA.