White Cane Safety Day October 15

October 15th is the White Cane Safety Day. The White Cane Safety Day is celebrated to increase the awareness as symbol of independence to blind and visually impaired individuals. In several parts of the world efforts are made to raise the awareness on the mobility challenges faced by people who are blind on this day. Road shows, awareness events, , orientation and training programs are held to provide the independence of mobility to people with visual challenges.
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What is a white cane?

A white cane is a mobility tool used by blind and visually impaired. White Cane also known as Hoover cane after Dr. Richard Hoover, is used to identify the objects on the path while walking. White Cane is primarily a tool for those who cannot find the objects on their way.
Though white cane just seems to be another tool for visually impaired, it helps them in moving independently through the streets and roads, allow them to participate in the society and include them in main stream society. The independent mobility develops confidence in individual which in fact is the key for any person to be successful. Proper training and orientation helps in successful use of the cane, safety and participation in the society. Several countries have laws to protect the users who use a white cane.
The article by Vision Aware on Which cane should I use? helps in understanding different white canes available in the market. Worth looking at the article before choosing or recommending to your visually impaired friend. If you stay in United States National Federation of the blind provides you a free white cane..
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Do You Know?

  • The first White Cane was passed in 1930.
  • The White cane is also known as Hoover cane.
  • By joint resolution approved on October 6, 1964 (Public Law 88-628, as amended), the Congress designated October 15 of each year as “White Cane Safety Day” to recognize the contributions of Americans who are blind or have low vision.
  • President Barack Obama in 2011 named White Cane Safety Day as Blind Americans Equality Day.

Thank you and a happy White Cane Safety Day.
Updated October 15, 2019