IOS 8 Accessibility Overview

Accessibility is still a high priority for External WebsiteApple with the launch of Yosemite and IOS8. Apple’s Mac operating system Yosemite, and mobile operating system IOS 8 are launched this week. Following are some accessibility features announced during the launch.

Grayscale: Similar to invert colors feature in IOS 7, IOS 8 brought in a grayscale feature allowing the low vision users to use the entire device with more contrast. No matter either you are playing a game or reading a message the device can be change to grayscale.

Screenshot of invert color in IOS 7

Zoom: Zooming feature is improved in IOS 8 allowing the users to zoom everything except the keyboard. This allows the users to read the content, fill in the forms increasing the size but still using the keyboard comfortably.

Spotlight: Spotlight is already available in IOS 7 but probably becoming more robust in IOS 8. Similar to Siri, spotlight search also will be providing answers for user’s questions but with text input instead of voice. People with speech impairment can be highly benefited with this feature.

Screenshot of spotlight search in IOS 7

Keyboards: Apple finally announced that third-party keyboards and Braille are allowed in IOS 8. A 6-key Braille keyboard will be an option in IOS 8. External WebsiteFleksy may be soon directly integrated into the keyboard on all the apps.

Quick Type: Quick type is a new feature that predicts what user is going to type and provide the opportunity for the user to minimize the difficulty of typing. For instance in an email app, when your boss asks “Is the task completed, while replying to that email you start entering the letter “c” and the rest will be predicted by quick type as “completed”.

Touch id: Touch id which is newly launched as part of IOS 7 release was restricted to device unlock and purchases on I Store. In IOS 8 it will be enhanced to use with third-party apps.

Many more improvements to existing accessibility features and few new features are included in IOS 8. The features may slightly vary on the actual release. I will write a detailed article as soon as I install IOS 8 on my I Phone 5. For the announcement of complete Mac operating system Yosemite and mobile operating system IOS 8 listen to the External WebsiteEvent Key note here.