M-Enabling Summit 2014

The M-Enabling summit is going to witness the latest developments in mobile accessibility through-out the world. M-Enabling summit can be a venue for the business organizations in exploring untapped potential of 1 billion users with disabilities.

Even after the introduction of revolutionary mobile screen readers such as voiceover for IOS and Talkback of Android, many of the users, developers and other communities do not know that accessibility features are available in smart phones and they can be used by people with disabilities. M-Enabling summit helps in understanding many such features, accessible application development procedures, apps that help people with disabilities etc.


The third edition of the M-Enabling Summit will be held in June 2014 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC.

Visit M-Enabling Summit (External website) to know about the summit, registration, participation and other details.