aria-checked (state)

aria-checked state is used to intimate the current state of a checkbox or radiobutton. When a native HTML checkbox or radiobutton controls are used the operating system API’s have the capability to recognize the role and the state. This identification will be dificult in case of custom checkboxes and radiobuttons.

aria-checked has three possible values. True, False and Mixed. In most of the controls two values true and false are the only properties supported. For components such as checkbox, menuitemcheckboxes tri state i.e. mixed state is supported.

Given below is an example of a custom control checkbox with aria-checked set to true

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The roles in which the aria-checked state can be used are

aria-pressed (state) and aria-selected (state) are similar to aria-checked.

Values of aria-checked

Characteristic Description
True The element is checked.
False The element supports being checked but is not currently checked.
mixed Indicates a mixed mode value for a tri-state checkbox or menuitemcheckbox.
Undefined (default The element does not support being checked.

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