Vocalizer Expressive

People who know assistive technologies (AT) will be familiar with screen reading technologies. All the screen readers either computer or mobile, run with the help of text to speech (TTS) engines. With the wider adoption of TTS engines screen readers are not only the technologies that are using speech synthesizers. Audio enabled ATMs, Google maps, Voice recognition software such as Siri, games are few examples where TTS are used.

With the increase in the use of TTS more natural engines are developed by the speech synthesizer venders such as Nuance(External Website). Vocalizer Expressive is one such development. Vocalizer Expressive provide natural speech output with enhanced quality. It also has the capability to read long sentences giving pause at the right places. Vocalizer Expressive have the capability to emphasize on the right word and provide accurate pronunciation.

Nuance vocalizer expressive covers 45 languages and 85 voices to help the needs of its global users. Global screen reader venders such as Freedom scientific(External Website) are releasing their new versions with vocalizer expressive. JAWS 15 is released by Freedom scientific(External Website) integrating with this technology into its TTS engine. IOS 7 has also provided vocalizer expressive in its mobile screen reader Voiceover.

So future screen readers will be having vocalizer expressive providing high quality user experience with more natural voices.