IOS 7, Hand Writing

Hand writing, an accessibility feature is made available in the recently released IOS 7. Apple is known for its innovative features. The innovation is never taken keeping persons with disabilities as second grade citizens.

I vaguely remember writing my exams with my own hand writing for the last time in 2005. I have started my education as anyone else. I know reading and writing. I know how alphabets, numbers and symbols look like. As my vision started deteriorating I am unable to read and write.

Apple introduced the hand writing feature to assist users like me. I am moving my finger similarly on I phone instead of typing. A new feature hand writing is introduced in IOS 7 to make the voiceover users comfortable on I devices. Hand writing is a clear example of Apple’s commitment towards accessibility.

Where to find Hand Writing on IOS 7

Hand writing is an accessibility feature. Users could find the hand writing feature under,
Settings> General > Accessibility> Voiceover> Rotor.

Select the Hand writing option under rotor. Now you should be able to find it in your rotor. Activate the rotor by twisting two fingers on the screen in clock-wise direction. Don’t worry if you don’t find hand writing in your rotor elements. Probably you are not in edit mode. To find hand writing in rotor you should be in edit mode. If you remember the options such as “Typing mode” and “Edit” options only in edit mode, hand writing is also similar to that.

How to write using Hand writing on IOS 7

It’s very easy to write anything using the hand writing option. If the user is aware of the shape of alphabets, numbers, punctuations’ just draw the shape of the character using the finger on the screen. Below are few gestures to use the option more effectively.

  • Three finger flick up and down to navigate between upper case, lower case, numbers and punctuations.
  • Three finger flick right for new line.
  • Two finger flick right for a space.
  • Two finger flick left to delete a character.


1. No gestures will work while in hand writing mode except the rotor. Once done writing change the rotor to some other element and everything works normally.

2. Handwriting option can also be used on Home screen. On Home screen writing a letter using hand writing brings all the apps starting with that character. Flick up and down with two fingers to find the elements and double tap to activate the same.

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