2.4.2 Page Titled

Web pages have titles that describe topic or purpose (level A).


Page Titled is a simple WCAG 2.0 (external website) success criteria and is very important one. Every page should have an unique page title. As per WCAG 2.0 SC 2.4.2(External website) the page title should describe the topic of the page, purpose of the page or the subject of the page. The title should be self explanatory and simple. The page title should be consisting of the name of the website along with the subject of the webpage. The two parts of the page title .i.e. subject of the page and name of the website should be separated with symbols such as “:” (colon), “-“ (Hyphen) etc. It is a good practice to have the subject of the page first and then the name of the website. Providing it vice versa is not harm. Throughout the website, one part of the title will change while the other remains stable. Keep the title of the page short.

Providing the first part (subject of the page) title and the content of the first level heading similar is a good practice. Users with screen readers will check the title of the page. Once they confirm that they are in the correct page, they will jump to the first heading of the page. If both page title and the first level heading provides the identical information they will confirm that they are in the correct page and begin reading the content of the page from level one heading.

How to Test:

Press insert + T using NVDA or JAWS. It should read the title of the page.
On a mobile swipe back even before the address bar, the mobile screen reader should read the title of the page.
If you are using a screen reader to read this article hitting insert + t should say “Page Titled : Maxability”.

HTML Technique

<title>Subject of the page: Website Name</title>

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