Nuance Talks with my Nokia C5

Many of us think if I send a sms to a visually challenged person how can he/she read and respond to me. Many of us are of the opinion that a smart phone is useless for a person with visual impairment. Many of us thought but not the technology venders such as Nuance, Apple, Google, Nokia, Code factory etc. Smart phones have changed the life of persons with disabilities. I have a Nokia C5 mobile phone and Nuance Talks (a screen reader for Symbian OS) with me. I want to let the people aware that a smart phone increases the independency of a visually challenged individual. I will give my experience how my phone helped me in various situations.


I remember the days when I expect an important SMS to my mobile. Immediately when I receive an sms I used to run to my friend ask Can you read a sms for me?. The situation is really embarrassing to ask when I receive a personal message. Now my Nuance Talks software gave the independency not only to read and sent sms but also for phone chatting late nights.

Calendar and Alarm

I remember the days I used to say Ooh!!!, yesterday is your birthday? I have really forgot about it. Please forgive I will not let my mind skip for the next birthday. Thanks to Nuance Talks it helped me to set a remainder for all of my close friends birthdays. Now no excuses and no missing wishes for a birthday or anniversary.

I will not miss any of my meetings. I am able to set a remainder for every meeting where my presence is required. Now no late wake-up from bed. My alarm warns me. I set my alarm with help of my Nuance Talks.

Music Library

I am a great music lover. My mobile is my best time pass when I am alone. I now can play my best music. I can browse the required song from the albums in mobile and Nuance Talks does its magic.


My friend sends the e-mail when I am away from my computer and asks to check and revert back quickly. Now no worries. I have configured my email in the phone and Talks helps to warn me whenever I receives a new email. I can quickly can check the email and reply at any time.


Internet world with independency using Nuance Talks on my Nokia C5. Where ever I am I can browse the face book updates and Twitter Tweets. Now any website just a key press away.

Nuance Talks help me do any task that a sited user does on a smart phone. In one of my future posts I will give a quick incite of various mobile screen readers. To know more about me go to About Rakesh Paladugula