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Gridcell (role) is an element within the table or tree structure. As explained in the grid (role), gridcells will form a relation with their nearest possible parent element. In the table example the gridcells are owned by <tr> or row (role) to form a parent child relation. A gridcell can be focusable with the keyboard, can be editable and selectable.

Use aria-selected (state) to inform the user about the selected or non selected state of the grid cell. If the gridcell is non editable also use aria-readonly (property) to intimate the same to a screen reader user. In a tree structure if the gridcell is having the expand collapse functionality use aria-expanded )state) to intimate the same to the screen reader user.

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  1. Tarun's Gravatar Tarun
    January 11, 2017 - 7:14 pm | Permalink

    can we use grid gridcell for table made by only form fields?

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