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Technology on travel! A hard of hearing driver and a blind rider

I am a technology believer and great supporter of accessible technologies. Being a person with blindness, most of my daily activities highly depend on technology. My daily travel to office is not an exception. I use Uber for my daily commute. Today morning when I have booked an Uber pass as usual the vehicle information… Continue Reading Technology on travel! A hard of hearing driver and a blind rider

Income opertunity for people with disabilities

Dear Readers, Accessworks is a portal that connects businesses who need usability testing of their digital assets to users with disabilities. Accessworks is a joint project between Australian Loop11 and US based non-profit Knowbility. Due to the demand in usability testing with users with disabilities on their experience doing standard web-based tasks like shopping, registering… Continue Reading Income opertunity for people with disabilities

SARTHAK – Regional Summit 2015 (Hyderabad)

On 26th last month I had a privilege to be a part of SARTHAK round table conference here in Hyderabad. Delegates from government, corporate and NGOs have their presence in spite of the Cricket World cup 2015 semi-final match between India and Australia. The conference was divided into 3 modules to have concentrated discussions on… Continue Reading SARTHAK – Regional Summit 2015 (Hyderabad)

On-dependence Day

Today is 66th Indian Independence day. In this 66 years India have developed in many sectors such as Technology, Industry, Agriculture, defense, export/import, urbanization and many more. I am not sure if all the Indians are independent or not but persons with disabilities are still dependent on many aspects. Yes, Indians with disabilities have changed… Continue Reading On-dependence Day