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Switch access on Mobile

Switch Access allows the users with dexterity impairments to use their mobile device without touching the screen. Because dexterity impairment can limit individuals strength, speed, endurance, and coordination. Persons with such difficulties cannot use their fingers to interact with a touch screen. To overcome such ability mobile operating systems have built in assistive feature called… Continue Reading Switch access on Mobile

Toast! Is it accessible?

What is a toast A toast is a non modal that appears on the screen for few seconds and auto expires. The toast shares an alert containing a message to the user. For example: In an email client, once you hit the send button the toast can display a message that says “Sending message” and… Continue Reading Toast! Is it accessible?

Mobile Accessibility practices for Government Of India Applications

Few months earlier, a set of like minded accessibility enthusiasts under the co-ordination of Dr Nirmita Narasimhan of Center for Internet and Society came together to formulate mobile accessibility practices to share with the Government of India. Government of India and various state governments are using mobile applications as a channel to communicate, provide services… Continue Reading Mobile Accessibility practices for Government Of India Applications

Explore By Touch

Explore by Touch is an Android operating system’s feature for their non-sighted users. This feature is integrated into Talkback, the screen reader that is built into the Android Operating System. Explore by Touch allows the non-sited android users to touch the mobile screen and hear what’s present under the finger. User can drag the finger… Continue Reading Explore By Touch

5 ways of typing with VoiceOver

VoiceOver is the screen reader built into IOS and Mac operating systems. Typing on a touch screen is a challenge for those who cannot see the screen and rely on screen reading technologies. However Apple has provided various mechanisms or ways in which users with visual challenges can type on a touch screen IOS device… Continue Reading 5 ways of typing with VoiceOver

Mobile Accessibility Standards by BBC

Henny Swan, Senior Accessibility Specialist with her team at BBC have published a draft of mobile accessibility standards in July 2013. They have asked for comments and feed-back to publish a final version then. Recently the accessibility team at BBC published their final version of mobile accessibility standards and guidelines. Mobile Accessibility Standards & Guidelines… Continue Reading Mobile Accessibility Standards by BBC

Times of India App Review

Accessibility is a very vital aspect that need to be in mind while providing web content for large audience. Times of India being the major market share holder in spreading news in the sub-continent, it is very much important to keep 50 million plus people with disabilities and large number of people with age old… Continue Reading Times of India App Review

VoiceOver and Rotor

VoiceOver is a builtin screen reader available on all Apple devices. The voiceover rotor is an excelent feature. The voiceover rotor enables the screen reader user to navigate the application or web page more quickly and efficiently. Where do you find the voiceover rotor? Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Rotor Select the… Continue Reading VoiceOver and Rotor

Mobile Screen Readers

Mobile phones and tablet devices has became the integral part of each one of us in the latest era. Use of mobile devices is very much high in the community of persons with disabilities as well. Before the introduction of smart phones persons with disabilities especially who have visual challenges have difficulty in using them.… Continue Reading Mobile Screen Readers