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aria-required (property)

aria-required property is used on a form element when the user input is required on the field. Providing aria-required property set to true before the form submission avoid users from making mistakes. Aria-required property like any other aria role, state or property just indicates that the field is required to the user. The visual identification… Continue Reading aria-required (property)

Mandatory Fields and Accessibility

Almost every website will have a form page. Contact form, booking appointments, booking tickets etc are some examples. In every form we observe mandatory fields. When a mandatory field is available in the form, it means user should fill that field without fail. Leaving the mandatory fields will cause in non submission of the form.… Continue Reading Mandatory Fields and Accessibility

aria-disabled (State)

In many real time scenarios few components of the web page required to be in inactive state. For instance on a Contact Us page submit button is enabled only when all the mandatory fields are filled in by the user. Usually the inactive button is grayed out to inform the user that it is inactive.… Continue Reading aria-disabled (State)