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JAWS 2019 Download and What’s New

JAWS, Job Access With Speech is the popular and commercial screen reading software for Windows Operating System. JAWS being the old and reliable screen reader, it is preferred choice for many end users and also used for accessibility testing by many organizations. JAWS is a Freedom Scientific product. JAWS 2019 JAWS 2019 is released in… Continue Reading JAWS 2019 Download and What’s New

Spectator of Screen Reader? tools for you

Testing with a screen reader is one of the major activities while making a website accessible. For non-screen reader users it will be hard hearing the robotic voice output through-out the day. On the other hand they might be missing important information spoken out by the screen reader. Sometimes that make huge difference in identifying… Continue Reading Spectator of Screen Reader? tools for you

Vocalizer Expressive

People who know assistive technologies (AT) will be familiar with screen reading technologies. All the screen readers either computer or mobile, run with the help of text to speech (TTS) engines. With the wider adoption of TTS engines screen readers are not only the technologies that are using speech synthesizers. Audio enabled ATMs, Google maps,… Continue Reading Vocalizer Expressive

ARIA Landmarks

After doing my bit of research on ARIA disabled attribute and ARIA presentation Attribute my focus shifted towards landmark roles. Visiting a web page might have several reasons. The straight reason any person come to a page is for gathering some information or completing a particular task. A part from that users may navigate a… Continue Reading ARIA Landmarks