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Magic tap, an accessibility feature in IOS

Every mobile app will have one task that is highly used, magic tap makes it easy and quick for voiceover users. On your IOS device with the phone app, you want a simple gesture to answer and hang the call, play or stop the music on the music app, take a picture on camera app… Continue Reading Magic tap, an accessibility feature in IOS

Skype on iPhone

  I am very much interested in spreading information on accessibility. For me social media is a bridge to share the information to the widest possible. As part of exploring accessible chat applications I have tried using many apps. Gtalk, vtok, face book, Skype to name a few. If one app supports instant messaging it… Continue Reading Skype on iPhone

VoiceOver Gestures for mobile web

World has almost transformed from desktop to mobile. It includes the use of web on mobile for applications such as games, chat apps, social networking, browse websites etc. In parallel to increase in usage of web on mobile, tremendous increase in assistive technologies on mobiles also increased. While screen readers such as JAWS from Freedom… Continue Reading VoiceOver Gestures for mobile web