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HTML5 autocomplete attribute

HTML5 autocomplete is the next article in the series of HTML5 attributes that impact accessibility. Autocomplete is a new attribute in HTML5 specification. It is an attribute of input element. Using HTML5 autocomplete attribute The autocomplete attribute is used along with HTML5 input element. This attribute informs if the field has the property to remember… Continue Reading HTML5 autocomplete attribute

HTML5 abbr attribute

This article on HTML5 abbr attribute is part of the series of articles we want to post on HTML5 attributes and elements that impact accessibility. If you have not read have a look at our accesskey article. HTML5 abbr is an attribute, do not get confused with the abbr element. The abbr element used to… Continue Reading HTML5 abbr attribute

HTML5 Accesskey

HTML5 accesskey attribute can be assigned to any focusable or actionable element on the page. The HTML5 accesskey attribute’s value is used by the user agent as a guide for creating a keyboard shortcut that activates or focuses the element. An accesskey helps users with motor disabilities in activating the element. It also helps the… Continue Reading HTML5 Accesskey

Placeholder attribute and Why it is not accessible

The placeholder attribute is newly introduced in HTML5. The placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of an input. The hint can be a sample text or a format in which user can fill the field. <input type=”text” placeholder=”Placeholder text” /> The placeholder attribute must be used along with the input… Continue Reading Placeholder attribute and Why it is not accessible