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Accessibility of IRCTC registration page

Ravi is a clever student from his childhood. He was born and brought up in a village in Andhra Pradesh. He is good at studies and sports from his childhood days. At the age of 16 he was diagnosed as a patient of Retinitis pigmentosa(external website) an retinal disorder. He was taken to all the… Continue Reading Accessibility of IRCTC registration page

ARIA-label, labelledby, describedby

ARIA-label, ARIA-labelledby and ARIA-describedby properties defines accessible ways of providing labels for form fields when straight way is not possible. In certain situations general <label> tag cannot be provided for various reasons. Let us understand how to implement ARIA-label, ARIA-labelledby and ARIA-describedby properties. In this post I would also provide the screen reader behavior with… Continue Reading ARIA-label, labelledby, describedby