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CSUN 2016 Slides

After any conference we would like to get those presentation slides we liked the most. After receiving great response on my recent article My trip to first CSUN (CSUN 2016), I decided to collect CSUN 2016 slides and share them with my readers. I have found number of presentations from Deque Systems and SSB Bart,… Continue Reading CSUN 2016 Slides

My First trip to CSUN (CSUN 2016)

Any accessibility consultant will have a wish to visit CSUN at least once in a life time. For a consultant from countries like India it’s not so easy unless organizations support or your from that multi billionaire family. Being in

CSUN 2016 Call for papers

It’s all the buzz of accessibility conferences happening around the world. As the final date for Techshare 2016 abstract is less than a week away CSUN 2016 call for papers deadline is fast approaching. The general call for papers for CSUN 2016 is 25th September, 2015. Note: Tech Share India Call for papers is extended… Continue Reading CSUN 2016 Call for papers