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aria-colspan property

aria-colspan property defines the number of columns a cell spanned within a table, grid or a treegrid. Use host attribute equivalent if available. If both the host language equivalent and aria-colspan property are defined user agents have to pick the value expressed through the host language attribute and expose it to assistive technologies. Content authors… Continue Reading aria-colspan property

aria-valuetext property

Aria-valuetext property works similar to a aria-valuenow property. It Defines the human readable text alternative of aria-valuenow for a range widget. If aria-valuetext property is defined for any widget, author should also specify aria-valuenow unless aria-valuenow cannot be determined. The major difference between aria-valuetext and aria-value now is the type of value determined through them.… Continue Reading aria-valuetext property

aria-relevant (property)

Aria-relevant property is an optional value to an aria-live region. Aria-relevant property is used when the web page contains frequently updating content such as a live chat. Aria-relevant property helps in intimating the updated content to the assistive technology. In some cases it is also important for the user to intimate the logs that are… Continue Reading aria-relevant (property)

aria-multiselectable (property)

aria-multiselectable is used to notify the users about the existence of the components where more than one element can be selected. aria-multiselectable is not an alternate for aria-selected. Tablists, listbox, tree and grid are the roles which allows the users to select more than one element. Do not use aria-multiselectable property where only one element… Continue Reading aria-multiselectable (property)

ARIA-Flowto (property)

Aria-flowto property should be used when the reading order of the content on the page is not sequential or meaningful. As per WCAG 2.0 1.3.1 Meaningful sequence the content on the web page should form a sequential and meaningful reading order. Screen readers render the content on the web page from the source code order.… Continue Reading ARIA-Flowto (property)

ARIA-Atomic property

ARIA-atomic is a WAI rich internet application property. The ARIA-atomic property is used along with ARIA-live property when the page contains live regions. On a web page when auto-updating content such as live chat widget is available the content frequently gets updated. In this scenario users need to know only the updated content that means… Continue Reading ARIA-Atomic property