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aria-readonly (property)

aria-readonly (property) is used when certain fields on the page are not editable. User can just find information on the readonly field but cannot edit. By setting aria-readonly property to true screen reader user can identify that the field is readonly. When aria-readonly (property) is used on any element content authors should allow focusing on… Continue Reading aria-readonly (property)


An aria-autocomplete property is used when the suggestions of user input items are known. The values of the aria-autocomplete can be none, inline, list or both. aria-autocomplete=”none”: Default. aria-autocomplete=”inline”: When the options are available and the user can type few characters in the text field and retrieve the appropriate options. aria-autocomplete=”list”: Unlike the “inline” property… Continue Reading ARIA-autocomplete

ARIA Attributes for Text Fields

As part of my R&D on Accessible Rich Internet Applications ARIA I have found few attributes useful to notify various kinds of text fields. The ARIA attributes described below may be useful with other HTML elements as well. However I want to cut down my writing into simpler concepts. I will be discussing only on… Continue Reading ARIA Attributes for Text Fields