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World has almost transformed from desktop to mobile. It includes the use of web on mobile for applications such as games, chat apps, social networking, browse websites etc.

In parallel to increase in usage of web on mobile, tremendous increase in assistive technologies on mobiles also happened. While screen readers such as JAWS from Freedom scientific and NVDA from NV Access play a vital role in desktop, VoiceOver is a great invention for IOS devices.

VoiceOver is an inbuilt screen reader for I Devices. Just activate VoiceOver from Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver, you are good to start exploring

Below are few gestures that hellp you navigate the web page on a safari browser with VoiceOver.

VoiceOver Gestures for mobile web

VoiceOver Gestures for mobile web on IOS
# Gesture Description
1. Single finger swipe/ Flick left to right Reads the next element on the screen
2. Single finger swipe/flick from right to left Reads the previous element on the screen
3. Single finger double tap Activates or opens the element that has the current focus (equal to enter key on windows)
4. Two finger flick up Reads the web page from top to bottom
5. Two finger flick down Reads the content from current position to the bottom of the screen.
6. Twist clock-wise with two fingers. Navigates the next rotor options.
7. Twist anti clockwise with two fingers Navigates to the previous rotor option
8. Single finger flick down Navigates to the next similar element selected under rotor
9. Single finger flick up Navigates to the previous similar element selected under rotor
10. Two finger single tap Stops Voiceover to speak
11. Three finger flick up Scrolls down one page
12. Three finger flick down Scrolls up one page
13. Z Gesture with two finger Scrub with two fingers in Z shape, navigates one page back.

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