Global A11Y Consultants Whatsapp Group

Global A11Y Consultants is an accessibility Whatsapp group. Anyone interested in discussing, helping fellow consultants, ask your question or answer others question in relation with digital accessibility are invited to join. We highly encourage to discuss issues related and share knowledge on digital accessibility but upon request or larger interest of participants feel free to share information on other accessibility or disability related news and information. However try limiting to share such information to the minimum possible.

Following are some group guidelines we wish everyone follow on accessibility whatsapp group. This will enable for a healthy discussion on the group.

  • Please maintain high standards of civility and courtesy toward other members of the group.
  • Ensure the messages and other material shared on the group are accessible to the extent possible. E.g. If you share a picture provide enough context and alternate text to allow screen reader participants understand the context.
  • In case you provide inaccessible document or videos without captions let the participants know it. This will allow the participants decide to download or not.
  • Use audio (voice recorded) messages only when you cannot type or in extreme cases where you cannot type because of the complexity involved. This will allow persons with hearing difficulty fully participate in the discussion.
  • English is the only language allowed in the group. Any other languages are strictly prohibited.

If you agree for all the terms and conditions continue by activating the join button.

Couple of notes before joining

  • If you still have questions or concerns drop a note to us through our contact form by selecting discussion forums in the Enquiry Type dropdown.
  • Ensure that you hit the join button on a device that has WhatsApp installed. This will let you join you with the Global A11Y group invite.