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aria-pressed (state)

aria-pressed state is used to inform the user that an element is a toggle button. aria-checked(state) and aria-selected (state) (future link) are similar to aria-pressed. In normal state aria-pressed will be in release state and the value is false. When the user clicks or activates the button it changes to pressed state where the value… Continue Reading aria-pressed (state)

aria-posinset (property)

Aria-posinset property defines an element’s number or position in the current set of listitems or treeitems. Defining aria-posinset is not required if all elements in the set are present in the DOM. If all items in a set are present in the document structure, it is not necessary to set aria-posinset attribute, as the user… Continue Reading aria-posinset (property)

aria-owns (property)

ARIA-owns (Property) Aria-owns identifies an element (or elements) in order to define a visual, functional, or contextual parent/child relationship between DOM elements where the DOM hierarchy cannot be used to represent the relationship. In other words aria-owns property defines element relationships and associations that cannot be readily determined from the document structure. Aria-owns sets or… Continue Reading aria-owns (property)

ARIA-orientation (property)

Aria-orientation property is used to indicate if an element is oriented horizontally or vertically on a web page. aria-orientation is used on components such as separators, scrollbars and spin buttons. So roles in which the aria-orientation property can be used are separator role, scrollbar role and spinbutton role. aria-orientation have two possible values. Aria-orientation=”horizontal” is… Continue Reading ARIA-orientation (property)

aria-multiselectable (property)

aria-multiselectable is used to notify the users about the existence of the components where more than one element can be selected. aria-multiselectable is not an alternate for aria-selected. Tablists, listbox, tree and grid are the roles which allows the users to select more than one element. Do not use aria-multiselectable property where only one element… Continue Reading aria-multiselectable (property)

ARIA-multiline (property)

Aria-multilline property is used in conjunction with input type textarea. Textarea is used when user is expected to provide large content in a form. This attribute is used for fields like feedback, comments in a form. Screen readers such as NVDA cannot identify the difference between normal text and textarea. So users who use them… Continue Reading ARIA-multiline (property)

ARIA-level (Property)

The aria-level (property) defines the hierarchical structure of an element within a document. Similar to all other ARIA roles, states and properties aria-level (property) is used only when the native semantics cannot provide the structural level of an element, or when the user agent including assistive technologies cannot identify the level of any element. Aria-level… Continue Reading ARIA-level (Property)

aria-labelledby (property)

Before understanding aria-labelledby it is worth reading aria-label (property). Similar to aria-label, aria-labelledby is also used to provide alternate text for an informative image, label a form element etc. Unlike aria-label, aria-labelledby refers the existing text on the page and uses it as the labelling text. For example If the heading on the page and… Continue Reading aria-labelledby (property)

aria-label (Property)

aria-label is used for the objects where users need to know the action associated with them. Purpose of a link, action associated with a button, label for a form field etc. aria-label can be used for providing alternate text for an informative image. Aria-label is used to identify a generic region on a web page,… Continue Reading aria-label (Property)

ARIA-invalid (state)

WCAG 22.0 SC 3.3.1 Error Identification says, if an input error is automatically detected, the item that is in error is identified and the error is described to the user in text. Errors for form fields may occur in various ways. One of them is the invalid format of inputting the data. The input format… Continue Reading ARIA-invalid (state)