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Magic tap, an accessibility feature in IOS

Every mobile app will have one task that is highly used, magic tap makes it easy and quick for voiceover users. On your IOS device with the phone app, you want a simple gesture to answer and hang the call, play or stop the music on the music app, take a picture on camera app… Continue Reading Magic tap, an accessibility feature in IOS

5 ways of typing with VoiceOver

VoiceOver is the screen reader built into IOS and Mac operating systems. Typing on a touch screen is a challenge for those who cannot see the screen and rely on screen reading technologies. However Apple has provided various mechanisms or ways in which users with visual challenges can type on a touch screen IOS device… Continue Reading 5 ways of typing with VoiceOver

IOS 8 Accessibility Overview

Accessibility is still a high priority for Apple with the launch of Yosemite and IOS8. Appleā€™s Mac operating system Yosemite, and mobile operating system IOS 8 are launched this week. Following are some accessibility features announced during the launch. Grayscale: Similar to invert colors feature in IOS 7, IOS 8 brought in a grayscale feature… Continue Reading IOS 8 Accessibility Overview

Mobile Accessibility Standards by BBC

Henny Swan, Senior Accessibility Specialist with her team at BBC have published a draft of mobile accessibility standards in July 2013. They have asked for comments and feed-back to publish a final version then. Recently the accessibility team at BBC published their final version of mobile accessibility standards and guidelines. Mobile Accessibility Standards & Guidelines… Continue Reading Mobile Accessibility Standards by BBC

Assistive Touch Features & options

People with motor disabilities such as Spinal cord injury, Loss or damage of limb(s), Cerebral palsy, Muscular dystrophy, Multiple sclerosis etc have difficulty in using the limbs or fingers. Due to this difficulty, using certain gestures or tapping on a particular area of the screen will be extremely difficult. In certain cases use of physical… Continue Reading Assistive Touch Features & options

IOS 7, Hand Writing

Hand writing, an accessibility feature is made available in the recently released IOS 7. Apple is known for its innovative features. The innovation is never taken keeping persons with disabilities as second grade citizens. I vaguely remember writing my exams with my own hand writing for the last time in 2005. I have started my… Continue Reading IOS 7, Hand Writing

Quick tips for IOS app accessibility

In our previous posts we have discussed about the gestures and few functionalities of the inbuilt screen reader voiceover on IOS devices. Now let us have a small journey that shows how to make a native app of IOS accessible. Accessibility of a native IOS app The SDK of IOS 3.0 and above has provided… Continue Reading Quick tips for IOS app accessibility

How to type using voiceover

Unlike a physical keyboard, an on screen keyboard is little difficult to type for any user. Imagine it if the user is a visually challenged? Of course so many mobile screen readers are available in the market to make the task easy for persons with visual challenges. When I have compared various touch screen phones… Continue Reading How to type using voiceover

VoiceOver and Rotor

VoiceOver is a builtin screen reader available on all Apple devices. The voiceover rotor is an excelent feature. The voiceover rotor enables the screen reader user to navigate the application or web page more quickly and efficiently. Where do you find the voiceover rotor? Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Rotor Select the… Continue Reading VoiceOver and Rotor

VoiceOver Gestures for mobile web

World has almost transformed from desktop to mobile. It includes the use of web on mobile for applications such as games, chat apps, social networking, browse websites etc. In parallel to increase in usage of web on mobile, tremendous increase in assistive technologies on mobiles also increased. While screen readers such as JAWS from Freedom… Continue Reading VoiceOver Gestures for mobile web