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JAWS 2019 Download and What’s New

JAWS, Job Access With Speech is the popular and commercial screen reading software for Windows Operating System. JAWS being the old and reliable screen reader, it is preferred choice for many end users and also used for accessibility testing by many organizations. JAWS is a Freedom Scientific product. JAWS 2019 JAWS 2019 is released in… Continue Reading JAWS 2019 Download and What’s New

NVDA 2017.4 is released, What should you know now?

NVDA 2017.4 is released today. In case if your machine have not prompted for an update download it from NVAccess website. Wait, before updating be aware that NVAccess has stopped support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you are running these operating systems do not update to NVDA 2017.4. This version starts support from… Continue Reading NVDA 2017.4 is released, What should you know now?

NVDA Expert Certification

NV Access are very pleased to announce that NVDA Expert Certification is now available!. The NVDA expert certification exam is online and free for any one. The exam takes 55 minutes with questions spread in 14 different sections. NVDA expert certificate exam requires knowledge from basic to advanced. Some key elements one need to know… Continue Reading NVDA Expert Certification

Screen Reader and Browser Combination for Accessibility

Screen reader testing is a common action item while testing for accessibility. Since the web content is rendered on browsers, it is very important to know the best screen reader and browser combination for accessibility testing. Currently for both desktop and mobile devices many browsers are available in the market so as the screen readers.… Continue Reading Screen Reader and Browser Combination for Accessibility

Developers please don’t detect my screen reader

Few years back when one of the developers asked me if screen reader detection on the browser a good idea, I counter questioned “What can you do if you can make a screen reader detection? The answer is a straight a lot. Enhanced experience can be provided for screen reader users where ever necessary. After… Continue Reading Developers please don’t detect my screen reader

What is NVDA Remote Access Add-on

NVDA remote is the first free add-on for the blind and visually impaired NVDA users that allows connect from one computer to another. It is similar to JAWS tandem software. Christopher Toth and Tyler Spivey, two well-known developers in the blind community, created this add-on, as well as its supporting infrastructure. It is now available… Continue Reading What is NVDA Remote Access Add-on

JAWS 16 Beta & Whats New

Freedom scientific has announced the beta testing version of screen reading software JAWS 16. JAWS 16 beta is now available for public testing before they announce the release of the product early next year. JAWS 16 is about to release with interesting and very useful features. Let us know some interesting facts and new features… Continue Reading JAWS 16 Beta & Whats New

NVDA 2014.3 now released

NV Access has announced its release of the next version NVDA 2014.3. The concentration now seems to be more on Microsoft office products. especially on Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Find What’s new in NVDA 2014.3 and download a copy. NVDA is a community driven project and your contribution helps in providing more… Continue Reading NVDA 2014.3 now released

At A Glance Screen Reader Survey 5

Web AIM(External Website) is conducting surveys to observe the trends in usage of screen readers since January 2009. Recently the results of 5th screen reader user survey are published. Naturally myself being a follower of Web AIM (External website) and user of screen reader, I thought of putting my views and share the results with… Continue Reading At A Glance Screen Reader Survey 5

Vocalizer Expressive

People who know assistive technologies (AT) will be familiar with screen reading technologies. All the screen readers either computer or mobile, run with the help of text to speech (TTS) engines. With the wider adoption of TTS engines screen readers are not only the technologies that are using speech synthesizers. Audio enabled ATMs, Google maps,… Continue Reading Vocalizer Expressive