Income opertunity for people with disabilities

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AccessworksExternal Website is a portal that connects businesses who need usability testing of their digital assets to users with disabilities. AccessworksExternal Website is a joint project between Australian Loop11External Website and US based non-profit KnowbilityExternal Website. Due to the demand in usability testing with users with disabilities on their experience doing standard web-based tasks like shopping, registering for government services, booking travel etc. Accessworks is looking for interested people with disabilities through-out the globe. This is a paid task and can be done from any place in the world.

All that you need is a qualified disability, interest to do web based tasks and ofcourse a paypalExternal Website account to get the amount credited to your account. (Note: A paypalExternal Website account can be created for free.). An amount up to 50 USD will be paid for one usability test.

Friends you also need a promo code to register for the program. I have the promo code for you all with the help of Katie Haritos-Shea one of the board members of Knobility. The promo code is “Katie”.

Register yourself for the accessworksExternal Website project today.

For any questions you have feel free to reach-out to John Sweet ( Thank you Katie for sharing the promo code.


Maxability want to share the information for it’s interest in spreading awareness on web accessibility and to make web a better place for everyone. This article is purely information, no endorsement implied.

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    Well I must have failed the accessibility test as I could not find any way to signup on access-works or knowbility websites with or without the promo code. Only job I could hear was for a student inturn.

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