Inquiry into HORRIBLE INCIDENT making disabled woman passenger crawl

A pitition was filed for your signature by Kamayani M. on Please sign the pitition and support people with disabilities for their basic rights. What’s the pitition about? On 29, Jan evening, disability activist Anita Ghai landed at Delhi airport from Dehradun on an Air India flight. A seasoned traveller, she waited with patience […]

aria-required (property)

aria-required property is used on a form element when the user input is required on the field. Providing aria-required property set to true before the form submission avoid users from making mistakes. Aria-required property like any other aria role, state or property just indicates that the field is required to the user. The visual identification […]

Your Signature help for prompt release of ADA

The new release of ADA and refresh of section 508It has been a hot topic in the accessibility community for few years. The Department of Justice expected to publish a final rule incorporating the changes into the ADA implementing regulations in fiscal year 2016. However the recent announcement, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (DOJ) — FALL 2015 […]

1.3.1 Info and Relationships

  Information, structure, and relationships conveyed through presentation can be programmatically determined or are available in text. (Level A) Description Web content is displayed on the pages in different presentational cues to convey meaning and relationship. Following are few example situations where presentation plays role to convey important information to the users. Using bold, italic […]

Extensions to WCAG 2.0

The WCAG 2.0 standards holds good even after 7 years since they are recommended in 2008. The change in the technologies, the way users use the web and requests to improve the usability of standards by various user groups such as low vision, cognitive, learning disabilities made WCAG charter think and decide to provide extensions […]

Placeholder attribute and Why it is not accessible

The placeholder attribute is newly introduced in HTML5. The placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of an input. The hint can be a sample text or a format in which user can fill the field. <input type=”text” placeholder=”Placeholder text” /> The placeholder attribute must be used along with the input […]

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